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Position: Copywriter                  Time of Release: Feb.25, 2014           Number: some
1. Responsible for applying to the government for all kinds of special fund project;
2. Responsible for writing project application letter to the government、feasibility study report etc;
3. Responsible for designing and writing all kinds of project scheme;
4. Responsible for standard building and Patent application and management;
5. Responsible for finishing other work assigned by the department heads.
1. Bachelor degree or above, full-time Chinese language and literature or editing and publishing or related;
2. Experience of declaring the project document / writing, planning for more than three years in the government;
3. Excellent writing ability, can write project proposals and feasibility analysis report independently;

4. Has a strong ability of quick learning, understanding;
5. Have the ability of foreign public relations, coordinating, communicating and expressing;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, earnest, can work under pressure.

Position: Marketing planner          Time of Release: Feb.25, 2014             Number: some
1. Responsible for project planning, designing and writing, understanding and meeting the needs of the customers;
2. Responsible for the overall planning, product promoting, necessary flow graph, and participating in explaining;
3. Responsible for the collecting product information in our industry, comparing analysis of data, providing report on demand for the customer;
4. Responsible for the company's brand building, cooperating in designing company website, VI and various promotional material, putting forward effective suggestions;
5. Supporting and cooperating actively with related department, to achieve completing of the project the successfully;
6. Cooperating with the superior in media public relations and promotion.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in financial, marketing, advertising and so on, more than three years work experience;
2. Outstanding writing, creative, with a strong logical thinking and innovating;
3. Good communication and coordination to solve the problem, can grasp the customer’s psychology effectively, put forward some targeted and personalized solutions.



sales representative (7 people

 Contact person: Mr.Wang

Recruit time: unlimited

Contact number: 13972361314    

Address: No.19Shutai Street, Yangtze River Economic Development Zone, Xianning City, Hubei Province

Work place:Northeast Region ,Guangzhou、Shantou、Jiangxi、Zhejiang、Shanghai、Xi’an

Age: 25-40 years old

Work time: flexible

Welfare benefits: negotiated


Job Responsibilities & Requirements:

1)High school degree and above with no gender preference, familiar with the DHA,ARA product,and have one year related working experience in the dairy、food or health food industry.

2)Responsible for the development , promotion, sales and maintain of product channel ,Actively cooperate with the supervisor, and to finish the sales goal.

3)Have passion for sales work , strong executive power with good sales skill and independent develop ability

4)Self-management, hard-working, independent and able to deal with pressure. Has strong team work spirit.

5)Responsible for the collection and analysis of market information

6)Manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan

7)strong communication skills with customer and  business processing ability, able to deal with pressure.

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