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The opening ceremony for Academician work station
公布日期:2015-12-29 10:47:00  检察:

Dec. 24th. 2015, Scientific technology association had hold an opening ceremony for 16 Scholar work station at our company. Members of Scientific technology association, Secretary-general Mr. Yu, vice Mayor Mr. He were presented at the ceremony. The total number of Academician work station reached 31 at this point.

        The job of Academician work station contains:

1.       Advice the technology companies on how to get start and develop.

2.       Assist Tech-companies to solve the major problems that occur during the development.

3.       Introduce the technical achievements for companies’ productivity improvement.

4.       Staff train for companies to develop the innovative of staff.

        Quotation of Distinguished expert Prof. Pan:

         “Academician work station is a platform that gathered knowledge and talents together, it will push the sense of innovation and achieve the development of technology.”

         “The achievements that the Academician work station staff will be:

1.       Set up a team of technology innovation.

2.       Turn the knowledge into productivity.

3.       Solve the major problems that occur during develop of companies.

4.       Make contributions for Economic and Development at Xianning.”

        Quotation of GM of Xinhe Biotech Mr. Qian:

         “We had witnessed the establishment and development of all academician work stations at Xianning. Today, we are honored to host the 16th academician work station opening ceremony in Xinhe. I am also glad to represent the Xinhe Biotech to showing my highest expectation and encouragement to the future work of all academician work stations. I hope that in the future, technology companies and academician work station will have more technological cooperation and communication, and progress together to achieve the win-win situation.”

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