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Hubei Xinhe biological won AAA Chinese credit enterprise
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China Quality Credit Evaluation Center is the authority of the national quality inspection departments sponsored by the quality of credit evaluation unit. The national quality credit enterprise evaluation activities by the Chinese quality evaluation center and the Beijing credit evaluation center. The quality of credit evaluation is based on the evaluation of the reliability of the information related to the enterprises and the quality of the products such as products supervision and inspection results, through a variety of quality certification, standards adoption status, according to a rigorous set of methods and procedures, in the enterprise for a comprehensive understanding of and Study on the basis of investigation and analysis, make relevant the quality credit behavior, safety degree.

Enterprise credit and enterprise development are closely linked, the company has always attached great importance to credit construction, has always been adhering to the "good faith service" concept, the company has been performing with customers, employees and social contract responsibilities. China quality brand network, China quality credit investigation and evaluation, Beijing Credit Evaluation Center Joint Working Group on the company's strength, human resource management, quality certification, brand building, technology research and development capabilities, service, product and procurement, marketing management, credit risk management, credit risk management, social credit and financial statements and other aspects of the comprehensive survey, believe that Hubei Xinhe Biological Technology Co., Ltd. to meet the standard completely, especially awarded the AAA level enterprise credit focusing on publicity and promotion of the certificate.

This time to obtain AAA grade enterprise credit rating certificate, representing the company's strength and reputation of the upgrade, but also the company's integrity management behavior, this is my company to better participate in market competition provides a more favorable external environment and conditions.

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